The independent validator in the Kujira Blockchain

Kujira started as a small project in the Terra Blockchain. Since that moment it has become one the main references in the design of useful and original protocols in defi. After the UST depeg that lead to the fall of Terra, the team behind Kujira decided to start their own journey creating the Kujira Blockchain, a new layer 1 in the Cosmos ecosystem. 

The future of Kujira is bright, and Rorcual validator aims to ride this new defi revolution along its side.


 Security is our main priority. We are always evaluating the best technologies to prevent downtime and double signing. Rorcual is operated by a highly reduced and trusted team, so everything is always under control.  



It’s our focus create a platform where all delegators are treated as investors in a company. Every  governance decision should be meditated and explained to the community so everyone can understand the evolution of Kujira Blockchain.



Our main and backup setups are separated geographically and on different providers, so availability of the nodes is guaranteed. By delegating to Rorcual, you are contributing to the decentralization and security of the Kujira network.  

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